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Financial modelling

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The three things I do:

In 2021 I founded Tree Line Design for the love of making things. Creating diverse items in various environments. I like them all, so I present them all: Financial Modelling, Biobased Building and Presentation Design

Financial modelling

Combining all the complex functionalities of a complete business in nimble, and inuitive model is very satisfying to me. I help others gaining insight in their potential investments or analyse financial business potential

Biobased building

Building stuff with my hands or building supply chains. I am contribution to the start offthe biobased building sector in the Netherlands.

Besides that, I am a real fan of agroforestry and food forest.

Presentation design

I love to create a nicely designed presentation and get your audience involved. Telling complex stories in a elegant manner is a real, but challening form of art.

Hi there,

My name is Thomas van de Sande, I am the founder of Tree Line Design.